Memorial Lines (The Addison Act Centenary Sculpture)
The Durham and Gloucester site has been renamed Unity Square reflecting Brent’s Commitment to equality and diversity. The entire site is devoted to social homes. I created this piece to commemorate The Addison Act Centenary and the Durham and Gloucester community. These wooden blocks from the carpenters’ benches bear the cuts of creation for the new homes and look forward to the next 100 years of social housing.

It was due to be exhibited  in The Energy Centre below the site as part of a larger installation I planned for The London Festival of Architecture 2020 but didn’t go ahead due to the pandemic.

Each cut on the carpenter’s blocks is connected to a specific time and place in the construction of the new homes. Negative prints from the sculpture explore these invisible now untraceable connections lost in time and space. Cut lines become traces of lives once lived – threads connecting old and new.

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