Addison Act Centenary Exhibition for Brent Council

I was commissioned by Brent Council to take a series of portraits to celebrate the lives of Brent council tenants for The Addison Act Cenenary Exhibition commemorating 100 years of council homes and the start of social housing. These were exhibited at The Brent Civic Centre where Brent
hosted a pan-London council event with The Chartered Institute of Housing.

“Evlyn is a very active member of the Brent Community, she moved to London from Jamaica aged 21 and qualified as a nurse from Kings Hospital in 1964. She is also a skilled tailor and has studied botany and Common Law. Evlyn is a black belt in karate and a keen gardener.”

Dwight is a Barbican Young Poet and ran poetry workshops on The South Kilburn Estate for our joint Reconstruction workshop. He also won the Brent Youth Role Model Award. This picture made it to the last 213 for the Taylor wessing Portrait Exhibition at the National Gallery 2019.

Linda is a South Kilburn resident and Community Leader who has lived on the estate since 1973.

“I am passionate about my area which has led me to be involved with community work on the estate. I’ve volunteered as a conflict mediator, befriender and mentor. I’ve always understood that good mental health was paramount to enabling people to progress long term, and that with a clear you can achieve anything. As a mother of six I am very supportive to my children and nurture their aspirations and dreams. I love helping young people who need motivation and guidance. Life is for giving and sharing, taking part costs nothing!”