‘Reduction’ Abstract geometries from the Southbank

‘Beautiful Brutalism’ The National Theatre

Westway and Grey Score

Abstractions from the Southbank

The rigour of my architectural and set design training has been a formative influence on my work.

The ‘Reduction’ and ‘Beautiful Brutalism’ series transform the iconic architecture of London’s Southbank through spatial abstraction. A longstanding fascination and appreciation for Brutalist architecture make these buildings a favourite subject of my work. It is the infinite potential for transformation, abstraction, and inversion – and the beauty derived from these – that has caused me to return repeatedly to these sites.

Contrast and colour are manipulated to accentuate shapes and structures, creating new abstract compositions from the angular National Theatre and its vicinities. Negative space is explored to locate latent configurations beyond the perception of the naked human eye. Bold, often primary, colour is introduced in some pieces, flattening the image and reducing it to colour and form only.