‘Reduction’ Abstract geometries from the Southbank

‘Beautiful Brutalism’ The National Theatre

Regeneration 1

Regeneration 2

Westway and Grey Score

Regeneration 3

The rigour of my Architectural and Set Design background has informed my work. The ‘Reduction’ and ‘Beautiful Brutalism’ series transform architecture through spatial abstraction. Contrast and colours are manipulated to accentuate the shapes and structures and create concrete compositions. Negative space is also explored to see configurations beyond the human eye. Colour is introduced in some pieces to flatten the image and reduce it to colour and form only, a Di Stijl influence rather than a contemporary photography one.

I am ’Artist in Residence’ for Brent Council on the South Kilburn Estate. By using images of the interiors as reference, I have tried to give nuance to the lives lived within these spaces and reverence to lived experience within these properties. The vibrancy of the red stairs tries to capture the spirit of a once populated block just days before demolition. The markings on the dust sheet show the changing marks of destruction contrasting to the cut marks on the wooden blocks used to create the new buildings.

I am inspired by the ability to document, through artistic means, the regeneration of my own local community and urban landscape.

I am lead artist on ’Reconstruction’a site specific project (CIL funded) working with sound and video artist Michael Speechley, poet Dwight Okeke and Fubunation (Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada) to run workshops for residents to express their feelings about regeneration through poetry and dance. These will be filmed and projected onto the remaining boarded up blocks before demolition in an art installation that will form part of The Brent Borough of Culture 2020.